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Titan Eye Plus offers customers Titan branded lenses.

From basic glass lenses to high end Trivex lenses, there is a Titan lens that is sure to meet your lifestyle and your budget needs. Each lens is put through a series of tests to ensure that it meets the exacting Titan quality standards. This is backed by the accuracy certificate and 6 month warranty.

You can choose your Titan Lenses in

Titan Crystal
For customers with high powers, we offer high index glass lenses. The lens thin and enhances the cosmetic appearance. Glass has excellent optical properties and is also scratch resistant.

Titan Lites
Titan brings to you Lites, our range of Polycarbonate lenses. This lens is 30% lighter and 20% thinner than conventional plastic lenses giving you more comfort. It is impact resistant and shatter resistant which gives your lenses higher durability. It also offers 100% UV protection.

Titan Pinnacle
A new generation Trivex material which is highly impact resistant, shatter resistant & lighter than polycarbonate. It has the best optical properties and offers 100% UV protection.

Special Lenses
Titan Bifocals
Titan offers bifocal lenses for our customers who do not intend to carry separate spectacles for their reading and distance vision requirements. It is available in two designs – D-bifocal and Kryptok bifocals.

Titan Elan Silver
Titan Elan silver is a step ahead of the bifocal lens. Get rid of the bifocal lines in your lens and enjoy the seamlessness of a progressive lens. This is the entry product in progressives.
Great looks at a great price!!

Titan Elan Gold
Titan Elan Gold is a mid level progressive with a much softer design. The lens design changes gradually so you can adapt to the lens easily.

Titan Elan Platinum
Titan Elan Platinum is a premium range of progressive lenses. It provides you with great quality of vision, minimum distortion at any distance and quick adaptation. Available in glass and plastic with a choice of Clarion and Armour coatings

Titan Elan SC
Titan Elan short corridor is a special progressive designed to fit into a smaller frames. You can now choose your frame without worrying about the size and the fitting of the lens.

Titan Elan IP Wide
Titan Elan IP is an internal progressive lens.
An innovative and unique lens, which has the prescription generated on the inner surface which provides wider field of vision and gives superior comfort and clarity.

Value Added Benefits-Coatings:
Titan Clarion
Clarion is an anti-reflection coating that provides better clarity of vision by allowing more than 99% transmission of light. It enhances cosmetic appearance, reduces eye fatigue & is easy to clean.

Titan Armour
Armour is a hard coating to withstand scratches which occur due to normal handling of spectacles. This is a scratch resistant coating and gives a longer life to your lenses.

Titan Clarion Shield
Eye Shield is a special coating that protects your eyes from electromagnetic interference which originates from electronic equipments and screens. It combines all the benefits of Clarion with a special EMI protection.

The other brands of lenses available at our stores are Essilor, Kodak and Nikon.